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Your go-to platform for real-time education on the rapidly evolving blockchain industry. Our mission is to empower individuals by helping them understand and harness the potential of transformative technologies.

For the past decade, we have helped thousands of individuals, around the world, demystify the blockchain and understand the potential of life-changing possibilities that exist with early entry in next generation applications.

Our ecosystem has collaborated on various projects around the massive disruption caused by blockchain. Early adoption, risk assessment, and patience are hallmarks of a successful experience in this ongoing digital revolution.

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Our Team

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Joe Hagan - Founder

Joe's career began in 1989 on Wall Street, where he was an early adopter of equities in the post-1987 crash and pre-internet era. With a keen eye for market trends, Joe spent two decades growing and maturing alongside the equities markets. In 2013, he founded WealthColony, bringing his wealth of experience into the emerging blockchain industry. After experiencing success as an early adopter of crypto, Joe has continued to engage in emerging blockchain innovations over the past decade. Inspired by his experiences, he is thrilled to collaborate with industry leaders in a free, invite-only community that provides real-time resources for our members. A dedicated husband, and father of 5, he believes the best is yet to come and is excited by the opportunity to create generational wealth from the blockchain revolution.

Member 2

Matt Cozzolino - VP of Operations

Meet Matt, a seasoned trader with over 30 years of experience in equity, foreign exchange, and crypto markets. He has a proven track record of helping startups grow and achieve successful exit strategies. Starting his career at Shearson-Lehman Brothers in 1993, Matt later specialized in online forex trading and energy market consulting. In recent years, he has focused on educating clients about crypto markets, Web3, and blockchain application developments. Matt holds a degree in Economics and a minor in Finance from The University of Connecticut. As a dedicated professional and father of four, Matt offers exceptional expertise and innovative solutions for all of our memebers who are too busy to keep pace with the rapidly changing technologies on the blockchain.

Member 3

Brianna Hagan - Executive Marketing Director

Meet Brianna, our talented Marketing Director with a passion for creative strategy and attention to detail. She excels in conveying our brand message to our target audience through market research, promotional events, and impactful social media campaigns. Brianna's excellent communication and organizational skills enable her to collaborate effectively with colleagues and vendors. She is adept at managing multiple tasks efficiently and staying up-to-date with industry trends, ensuring she brings fresh ideas to the table. As an indispensable team member, Brianna takes pride in her contributions to our success, whether it's creating engaging content, coordinating campaigns, or meeting deadlines. Her dedication makes her invaluable asset to the team.


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